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Since the inception of the company over thirty years ago, Elemco Building Controls. (EBC) has been involved with the mechanical HVAC, manufacturing process automation, and energy management systems for the commercial buildings, and IT data center markets.

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Building Control

Building Control provides a way to monitor and adjust system operations in a facility. Today's systems allow building control from on/off control to process automation.

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Process Control

Elemco has been involved with process control systems since 1983, providing customers with cost effective solutions in the manufacturing of many different types of products.

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Sub-Metering Systems

Your Commercial, Industrial, & Data Centers buildings contain Equipment & operational units that you cannot record and display usage separately.

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Heating, Ventilations, A/C & Refrigeration

At Elemco, we're all about air – cool air, warm air, moist air, clean air. We control the comfort of the air for commercial, industrial and IT buildings.

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Operations Maintenance & Service

After completion of a project, Elemco is committed to keeping our client’s systems working at the highest levels of operation and effciency.

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Monitoring & Alarming

Today's companies rely more than ever on complex building support systems - air conditioning, UPS, etc.

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How Elemco Can Help the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is facing some major shifts in trends over the next few years, according to the experts in the hospitality sector. In fact, 2013 is projected to be a better and brighter one for the hospitality property owners, but industry insiders are pointing out the need for a closer look at bottom line capital expenses when competing in this highly crowded sector. When valuing a hotel or resort property, Robert A. Rauch from hospitalitynet.org offers this equation: “Each dollar on the bottom line increases the value of your asset by about $16 depending on capitalization rates. So a savings of $60,000 means an increase in value of about $1M.”

So, where should a hotel or resort look to find those savings that can increase the value of the property? Well, according to a white paper by IVA Communications, titled: EnergyManagement Challenges in the Hospitality Industry, “Energy costs associated with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) add up to one of the largest operating expenses for property owners. In most companies, the cost of energy is the largest unmanaged line item operating expense.”

This would suggest that one place to find savings for property owners would be in exercising firmer control over energy usage and costs, and this is where Elemco can help. Consider this, from the same white paper: “Sold hotel rooms are unoccupied an average of twelve or more hours per day, with the HVAC system left on most of the time. Energy savings can result from automating the process of dynamic setbacks for the HVAC unit when a room becomes unoccupied. Without energy management, systems will continue to run at the guests’ temperature set points until physically changed, even when a room is unoccupied.

This is just the sort of thing Elemco can help with. We recently installed controls at hotels that increased operating efficiency and drove cost reductions simply by automating the usage of energy in areas of the hotels that were not currently occupied. To see how Elemco’s solutions can help you achieve efficiencies, go here.

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Submeter Boom and Green Building

The Rise of the Green City and with It, the Rise of the Submeter

It’s a global phenomenon we’ve been predicting for years here at Elemco, and it’s starting to take shape rapidly: with the rising awareness that tomorrow’s cities and towns need to be planned with sustainable “green” technology in mind, there’s been a correspondent, growing awareness of just how much power gets consumed in the office or at home; as well as a demand for devices that allow one to monitor and regulate energy consumption. According to a new report from clean energy research firm Pike Energy, worldwide shipments of high-tech building submeters will grow astronomically this decade from the current figures. As LEED and BREEAM certification incentives become more widely known, and given that the sustainable housing market is set to grow into an $84 billion juggernaut by 2020, it’s only logical to conclude that 24/7 electricity monitoring will play a key role.

Certification programs like LEED and BREEAM have become popularized in the world’s imagination, and not a moment too soon: the 2000s saw a decade of rampant urban development and sprawl (both upwards and outwards) that boggles the mind. Examples are to be found everywhere. Dubai, in the UAE, grew from having a population of 225,000 in the early nineties to one that is now estimated at well over 2 million – a tenfold increase. Shenzhen, once a small fishing village at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta in China, has leapfrogged – since the 1980s – into becoming one of the largest cities in the world, with over 10 million residents and counting. While the reason behind the staggering growth of these two cities is vastly disparate, the overall effect remains much the same: the United Arab Emirates is ranked as having the highest per capita carbon footprint in the world, ahead of even the United States. And the Pearl River Delta of China, where one third of the world’s total manufacturing output is located, is one of the most spend-happy areas of Earth in terms of energy consumption.

Eventually, the need to reduce energy consumption will come back to haunt cities like these; in fact it already has. Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, is slated to become the first carbon-neutral neighborhood on the planet. Not to be outdone by its UAE neighbor, Dubai has launched an initiative for a “Sustainable City” to be modeled after a sustainable project begun at U.C. Davis in Northern California. The future of the market – and of the planet – depends on the adoption of green standards and green technology. It’s nice to know that we at Elemco are ahead of the curve both in terms of the technology we provide, and the green values we promote. Contact us today to see how you can bring your own Building or Business to the “lead” of the LEED pack.

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