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Four High-Rise Office Buildings
Four High-Rise Office Buildings

Four High-Rise Office Buildings

Location: Manhattan, NYC
Market Segment: Commercial Real Estate
System Type: Building Control /Automation and Sub Metering





  • Steam turbine chiller control
  • Air handling unit control
  • Pump controls
  • Electric submetering
  • Automatic alarm detection
  • Notification and response
  • Indoor air quality monitoring and control


  • Energy savings from chiller control optimization
  • Reduced tenant complaints due to improved air handler control
  • Improved indoor air quality due to precise economizer control
  • System problems identified and resolved quicker
  • Building pressurization issues resolved
  • Building personnel notified immediately of problems regardless of the location
  • Substantial energy savings with removal of pneumatic system after conversion to Direct Digital Control
  • Reduced failures and maintenance because of correct equipment sequences