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operationsAfter completion of a project, Elemco is committed to keeping our client’s systems working at the highest levels of operation and effciency. Our comprehensive service Agreements reflect our unmatched level of support in an effort to reduce downtime of Equipment and protecting your capital investment. We offer a wide range of testing services, such as the following: Infrared Scanning, Eddy Current Testing, Power Quality, Air Quality, Air Particle, Air flow, Water Flow and Energy, Boiler Emissions and efficiency, Sound, Network Performance, Motor Condition, and Break Overload protection devices.

Interruptions and disturbances in supply voltage can shut down, damage or even destroy the equipment it is attempting to run. To meet this challenge, Elemco Building Controls has invested in the best equipment and training to provide our customers with testing, analysis and solutions they need to protect their operations.

Power Quality Services

  • Receptical Circuits System
  • Single Phase Power System
  • Three Phase Power System
  • Network Systems
  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Permanently Installed System