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One Three-Story Corporate Center
One Three-Story Corporate Center

One Three-Story Corporate Center

Location: Global
Market Segment: Commercial Real Estate
System Type: Building Control / Automation, Sub Metering and Tenant Override and Override Time Billing




  • Air handling unit control
  • Chiller and boiler monitoring and control
  • Cooling tower control
  • Dynamic VAV rezoning
  • Heat recovery
  • Multi-tenant control of single unit
  • Automatic pump and valve changeover sequencing
  • Automatic monitoring and alarming
  • Separated central plants integrated as a single unit


  • Accurate tracking of tenant overtime usage and bill generation
  • Tenant can activate and deactivate overtime usage without involving building management
  • Significant energy savings from multi-tenant zoning
  • Improved tenant / building management relations because building management receives alarms immediately (tenant never realizes problem)
  • Automatic response to failures and alarms
  • Boiler and chiller optimization for maximum efficiency
  • All integrated systems operated automatically with little input from building management